The AVA Tree
3 month Pre-Accelerator Programme

The AVA Tree Pre-Accelerator Programme is a funded, 3 months, full- time programme for early-stage entrepreneurs ready to take an “all in” approach with their business ideas.

Office Space

Benefit from office space for 3 months without having to worry about rent or office expenses.


Through our early-stage mentoring programme, learn from experienced business entrepreneurs and successful start-up founders and develop the necessary skills to turn your idea into a sustainable business.

Early Product Development

Our industry experts help you perform in-depth feasibility studies and develop an early prototype of your applied technology.


Learn to source and attract the talents you need to develop your project further and turn it into a successful start-up.


Learn how to prepare your start-up to go from a pre-seed stage to an early seed stage and to successfully launch a fundraising campaign.
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